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There are many reasons for a person to consider starting his own business activity:

  • enterprising spirit;
  • the need to get back in the game for those who have lost their jobs and whose age, perhaps, does not make them to be the most “desirable” employees;
  • the driving force for the entrepreneurs to establish their own business activity.

If you have no experience in this branch, inevitably, you will not have the competence necessary to find your bearings in the innumerable options available and you will not be able, in case of forced decisions to make (so fairly common nowadays) to determine what might be the demands of the client.

Whatever the reasons for “going it alone” are, the costs associated with this must be calculated carefully in order to increase awareness of the correlation between the expenses you will have to face and the income you would receive so as to obtain the anticipated profits.

Additional issue to consider is the complicated nature of the Italian tax law, through which it is necessary to be guided by a skillful and competent specialist who would analyze precisely with the Customer all the aspects mandatory to decide which business model to acquire, based on their specific needs, the type of business itself and the possible presence of members.

The accountant, after considering all the variables involved, will provide the Customer with the best solutions, illustrating the costs, the benefits and the inevitable disadvantages of various options.

After analyzing all the variables and choosing the best solution, the specialist will collaborate with all the agencies involved in creating and running a business (Chamber of Commerce, INPS - National Institute of Social Insurance, INAIL - National Institute for Insurance Against Industrial Accidents, Municipality, Italian Revenue Agency, Customs Agency) currying out all the procedures which, taking into consideration the computerization of public administration, are achievable exclusively online.

When the business is launched, the accountant takes care of the mandatory bookkeeping and the depreciable assets fiscal records, prepares financial statements, fills in deposit slips and the forms of corporate and individual tax returns.

Optionally, he can prepare a Business Plan or a file containing the business concept and the strategies to achieve it, helping the entrepreneur to assess the strengths, the weaknesses and the capabilities of the project.

He can provide the evaluation of the enterprise by estimating its basic value being the starting point for negotiations of potential purchase or sale and assist the Customer in the purchase or sale of shares.

However, the specialist’s work is not limited only to the professional accounting services. The scope of his competence includes, among others, the management of the capital goods, expertise, assessment and consultancy, financial audits, amicable settlements, contract consulting and inheritance law.